Thursday, August 2, 2012

On the future of interaction design

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A similarity between the videos was that pretty much everything was about swiping across a pad or flat surface. Most of the gestures were swiping with the hand across the surface.  I think there were a couple of  unique ideas in video but for the most part I didn't see anything new. It seems like a rehash of stuff we already have. One thing that concerns me is that I know that people with visual impairments really dislike all this touch screen technology like stuff the iphone. For instance someone who is blind could not really use the iphone to make a call because they cannot feel any tactile difference on the glass.

The most strange element of the video was the part where the guy paid the musician in the subway.  This seems stupid to me because that guy playing the music was more like a video, not a real person. I think people give money to musicians in the subway because they feel bad for them or possibly because of a human connection. We see images of poor starving people in third world countries and rarely give money to them so I doubt someone would really give money in the way it was done in that "futuristic" video.

Also, there was a part where a girl was leaning math with this touch screen device. It is my understanding that the current technologies for interactive children's book are not being adopted as readily. For whatever reason parents and children are reluctant about this type of learning.

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