Thursday, July 19, 2012

Week 2 - Class Discussion

 Giving Feedback on websites as you click around and explore.

(On Netflix)
Every object tells a story - Ford
We don't try to design for the target audience but we try and design for the extremes. If you meet the needs of the extremes then you get everyone else in between.

Maslow Hieracrhy of Needs

The advertiser use this chart is the more higher up on the chart the company can convince the buyer that their product fulfill the more buyers want it. So for example they try and convince you that the cereal is not just fulfilling you physical needs but it is safe and healthy. Sugary cereals are more fun.

Homework 1 article - write about it. Midterm - All the research. An abstract of several articles then paste in front the page with the actual article 50 page of research including snapshots of articles. 

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